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Magnesium powder

A brief introduction of magnesium powder:

Strong magnesium powder, ultrafine talcum powder is the main raw material, with a small amount of functional mineral dressing, and through the different coupling bridging agent, higher fatty acids and anionic surfactants mixture treatment and has certain powder filler reinforcement function. Strong magnesium powder in the paint and coating resistant to sunlight, high temperature, ultraviolet light is not in color, to maintain the original luster and color, good acid and alkali corrosion resistance performance, and good water resistance, pollution resistance, aging resistance performance is strong, wear-resistant, resistant to steam and chemical stability, and strong flame retardant performance.

The application of magnesium powder:

And can replace some of the more expensive rubber 10-15% 1 to reduce the cost of raw materials used in plastic resin modified rubber die mold, rolling, extrusion, injection processing performance.

2 is used in rubber plastic resin in the increase of glue (Plasticizers), particularly in the foam products that can help shape its processing, the friction of the polymer molecules is reduced, the molecular bonds and therefore easy to move, so whether in processing molding, extrusion molding, molding will be able to shorten the time to improve productivity.

3 in the polymer can make straight chain type (Linear) molecule, the bridging role of magnesium powder strong (Crosslinking) by plane into a structure of three dimensional structure (NET-WORK) to enhance the film abrasion resistance, toughness and crack resistance effect (Antiblocking Effect).

4 because in the fine polyolefin (two silicon oxide SiO2. Magnesium Oxide MGO) mixed surface treatment, which helps to control the transparency and hardness, transparent thin film to add a small amount of (5-10PHR) magnesium powder, and anti caking can produce excellent surface of optical flat (Antibocking) properties.

5 in rubber resin, can change the physical properties of products to increase tensile strength, resistance to scale strength, shear strength, flexural strength, hardness, reduce deformation, elongation, thermal expansion coefficient.

6 and rubber mixing, calendering or a slice of 8m / m-10m / m thickness, smooth and beautiful surface, and can rapidly reduce bubbles.

The 7 is the thermal stabilizer (Heat stabisizers) is one of the kind of, because of its itself contains higher fatty acid ester compounds, except when the lubricant of rubber plastic products, can also react with HCl of precipitation, lose HCl cracking effect.

8 can improve the touch, and reduce the electrostatic effect.

9 into rubber, allows easy printing and finishing products.

10 has the antioxidant function, which can prevent the polymer containing aromatic compounds in the bond energy of heat, light or breakage of the oxygen, the strength of the rubber to reduce or brittle, lose their value, this kind of phenomenon in polyene plastics such as PVC, EVA, TPR, PE, ABS and all kinds of rubber in particular significant.






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